Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's good to be FOUR (well, almost!)

So my 'baby' (for now) is going to turn four soon. And yes, I realize I've sewn and shown lots of items for her with her upcoming birthday! But tomorrow is her birthday party!! See, we're Catholic and tomorrow just HAPPENS to be the feast day of St. Lucy (which is my youngest's name), so it works out just perfectly!
And, what good is a birthday party without a number shirt to show the world just how old you are?!
And of course every birthday princess needs a super twirly skirt...
To complete the look of the outfit!!

Outfit specs: both patterns by Farbenmix, the shirt is the Zoe, the skirt is the Redondo. The dotty jersey on the top is from the Fabric Fairy and the skirt fabrics are from Fabrichound. The lace trim around the bottom of the skirt is some that a lovely lady at church gave to me from her (now passed on) mother's collection. The stars making up the '4' are velour iron-ons from Bunte Fabrics. The orange trim stuff over the stars (because I didn't think the stars stood out enough) is some sample stuff I got from the Farbenmix website :)
And I've done some other sewing as well... because I just can't seem to get enough of the Zoe pattern (gosh, it's so fast and easy!!!).. a shirt for my middle daughter...

and a shirt for the oldest....

Plenty more Christmas sewing to be done... but... tomorrow is party day!

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