Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've really been sewing and preparing for this baby more than I've been posting! Life gets a bit hectic sometimes... between homeschooling, a part-time job (which I'm working on quitting.. just down to one day per week now), growing a baby in my womb and trying to clean up this house... yikes!
But.. I HAVE to craft! It helps me maintain my sanity.
One day I looked at the plain, sad-looking white onesies and decided they needed color and lots of it! Out came the procion dyes and I had a blast dyeing these up... but my favorite? Oh.. it has to be the socks. They are the teeniest, tiniest baby socks ever and they make your heart melt.
On to the photos!!

I've done more sewing for this babe, but I'll save that for another post! A teaser? A Heather Ross quilt!

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Peggy/brogansmomma said...

Whaaaat!!? A new bean in the belly? Yay!!!!

So I created an account again at DSD and I see you're not there? Haven't been since Sept. 2008? So what's the point of me even being there then? LOL

I've been reading really old posts (like way back to the beginning old) and I miss our little group of girls. I'm happy to see that despite the 2700+ member count, most of the What's Happening girls are the original members. Missing you over there!

Congrats again on the baby, mama. ♥ I'm going to subscribe to your blog feed, m'kay?