Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working with a knit for distraction...

I've been working with wovens a lot with the red, white and blue skirt and dress that I've made thus far, so I got sidetracked with my knits and decided to make a shirt to go with the oldest's Redondo skirt I made last week.

I love the Antonia pattern by Farbenmix. The possibilities for the pattern are endless and it's just so darn fun. I've only made a few shirts from this thus far and I can tell I need to make some more already.

It's a good thing I only have to make a red, white and blue dress for the youngest... I'm getting a burnt out on this themey stuff. I'm glad I decided to use three different patterns for my three girls.. that keeps it somewhat varied in my sewing!

I have the pieces cut out for the dress for dd3... *maybe* tonight later or possibly tomorrow after swimming lessons.

Now with modeling shots!

Though I believe the dress is gorgeous by itself, it's hard to get a size reference or really see how it would fit and look on a child...

So now I have modeling shots that really do this dress justice and show it off in all its glory (well, they're at least decent shots... dd2 was getting a bit impatient with the photography and wanted to go ride her bike!)

Fourth of July sewing Part II: Oh Vida!

I am so pleased with how well and how fast this all came together. I cut out the pieces last night and finished it up today (tonight)!!

Again, I'm not always so 'themey' in my thinking. I like simple, classic pieces that go with just about anything. And outfit like this does *not* go with everything, yet it's still so fun.

This really made me think outside of the box. I often get so excited with constructing a garment that I don't think of any embellishment to include, I simply sew the seams and get it done because I can't wait to see how it turned out! But with this, I tried to think about things a bit more, let my mind wander to embellishments... and I even came up with the heart applique in the middle by just thinking about things a bit more. The two ribbon stripes below the heart applique are some *gorgeous* Farbenmix ribbon. Oh, and the pattern is the Vida Farbenmix pattern. It's lovely and the pattern lends itself to creativity so well.

My dd2 hasn't yet seen the finished product, but she was quite excited when she saw just the front piece ealier... I'm pretty sure she'll love it.

Now I just need to work on the outfit for the littlest. I have nothing cut out, but I do have a plan in my head. The teaser is this: I'm going to use the Cara pattern by Farbenmix.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mama-made by chance.

I don't dress them in mama-made clothing on purpose.

At least not all the time. I will admit to being more partial to the clothing I've made. I know where the material came from, I know what pattern was used, I know that no slave/sweatshop labor was used. I know the whole darn process. Plus, I make stuff that fits my kids, who all happen to be very distinctly shaped (the oldest is So Very Tall and also quite 'sturdy' -- takes after her mother for sure *eyeroll* ... the middle one is averagish and very thin despite her appearance, it's all in her nice, round head ... the youngest? not sure yet... somewhere in the middle?).

Anyway, two days ago they were all wearing clothes I made for them. Of course, I had just made #2s dress the night before, #1s dress was made quite a while ago and #3s top was made about a month ago, but I just made the capris to go with it on Saturday evening before mass and an after-mass baptismal party.

The older two are wearing very, very basic dresses from the Olivia pattern by Farbenmix and the youngest's top is from the Empirchen e-book on ... her capris are from the leggings pattern in one of the more recent Ottobre magazines... the "Lily" leggings.. with length chopped off of course.

Sometimes when I look at pictures of them, it's as if I'm able to look at them from a very unique perspective... or at least not the perspective I usually have (as their mother). With this picture I was completely astounded at the little women I have living here at this house. I know the littlest is but 2.5, but when did it happen? I do think they're gorgeous and I love them to pieces.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Red, white and blue: Part I

I don't get into themey sewing. I even have trouble making Halloween costumes that are really only for one day's use. Last year for the girls I did costumes that were in multiple pieces/layers so that seperately, each piece could be worn on a daily basis, but together they created a unique Halloween outfit.

But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. And for some reason, July 4th (Independance Day), seems to be my exception.

Maybe it's the wonderful parade that happens in a town just 30 miles away that has a population of just 300, yet for the day the population swells to probably three times that.... or maybe there's something about the crispness of red, white and blue that is so bold, yet different from my usual tastes.

Either way, I'm a sucker for patriotic outfits.

Of course, with just around two weeks until the big day, I figured I should get started. I *have* been planning for probably two months of what I should do... well, maybe not planning so much as at least thinking about what I was going to do. But I get hung up on silly details. This project's dilemma (not this actual item of clothing, but the red, white and blue outfits in general): do I make all three girls completely matching outfits? do I make their outfits from the same pattern but use different fabrics? do I use different patterns but the same fabrics? do I make them completely different from each other in whatever way I please?
Yes, the silly details were bogging me down.

So I just started. I had to do SOMETHING.

I started with the oldest. She's fairly easy to please and I figured if I started with the biggest outfit, I could see my material useage and then go from there on what to do for the other two.

I used the Farbenmix Redondo pattern for the skirt and the shorts (because there will be a LOT of twirling going on) are from the Spring 08 issue of Ottobre... or maybe they're a fall or winter 07? They're the Lily leggings... and I just shortened the length accordingly.

I really love the frilliness of this skirt. Even though it was a pain to match up the opposing curves while trying to get the lacy trim firmly sandwiched in the middle... the end result was worth it. Yes, of course pinning *might* have helped, but I couldn't be bothered with silly pins.

I'll post the other outfits as I get them completed... and then maybe modeling shots when all are done.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

And now for the modeling...

Turns out the dress is a hit.

The cowboy boots were her own addition. Best part is that they're about 2-3 sizes too big ;)


I had the time and desire to sew (my darling husband is away for the weekend for his deaconate classes... and all three girls went to bed AMAZINGLY well and AMAZINGLY quickly, so it was really like I *had* to sew!) ... so I did :)

I created this for my middle daughter as she adores my younger sister (her Auntie Anna) and I had made a shirt for Anna out of this about a year ago...

The pattern is another from Farbenmix and is called Olivia. I've made plenty of Olivias in my sewing time and all have turned out amazingly different, yet consistently lovely!

This really isn't my 'style' so much, but I know No. 2 will LOVE it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mermaid undies

A while back I had asked my friend Becca for some mermaid embroideries. My littles seemed enamored with mermaids and I thought seeing them on some undies for her might just get her to want to use the potty.
She obliged and amazingly, in the mean time, the littlest decided the toilet was NOT terrifying and took to using it (instead of her lovely cloth diapers) like a pro.
So two nights ago I made this first pair up and they were a HIT! The pattern is from the 4/04 Ottobre.
I have more to make of course, but these will do for now!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ceeeeeelebrate good times, come on!

Happy birthday to me!
(That's my sister on the right... we just took that picture yesterday :) My sister is swell for sure.)