Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mama-made by chance.

I don't dress them in mama-made clothing on purpose.

At least not all the time. I will admit to being more partial to the clothing I've made. I know where the material came from, I know what pattern was used, I know that no slave/sweatshop labor was used. I know the whole darn process. Plus, I make stuff that fits my kids, who all happen to be very distinctly shaped (the oldest is So Very Tall and also quite 'sturdy' -- takes after her mother for sure *eyeroll* ... the middle one is averagish and very thin despite her appearance, it's all in her nice, round head ... the youngest? not sure yet... somewhere in the middle?).

Anyway, two days ago they were all wearing clothes I made for them. Of course, I had just made #2s dress the night before, #1s dress was made quite a while ago and #3s top was made about a month ago, but I just made the capris to go with it on Saturday evening before mass and an after-mass baptismal party.

The older two are wearing very, very basic dresses from the Olivia pattern by Farbenmix and the youngest's top is from the Empirchen e-book on farbenmix.eu ... her capris are from the leggings pattern in one of the more recent Ottobre magazines... the "Lily" leggings.. with length chopped off of course.

Sometimes when I look at pictures of them, it's as if I'm able to look at them from a very unique perspective... or at least not the perspective I usually have (as their mother). With this picture I was completely astounded at the little women I have living here at this house. I know the littlest is but 2.5, but when did it happen? I do think they're gorgeous and I love them to pieces.


freddie said...

the dreses loook really nice!! I'm sure your three angels are really proud of you!
God bless you

Jacquie said...

Oh my, they are adorable. You are truly blessed and so are they to have you for a mom. Pat yourself on the back for me!