Monday, June 16, 2008

Red, white and blue: Part I

I don't get into themey sewing. I even have trouble making Halloween costumes that are really only for one day's use. Last year for the girls I did costumes that were in multiple pieces/layers so that seperately, each piece could be worn on a daily basis, but together they created a unique Halloween outfit.

But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. And for some reason, July 4th (Independance Day), seems to be my exception.

Maybe it's the wonderful parade that happens in a town just 30 miles away that has a population of just 300, yet for the day the population swells to probably three times that.... or maybe there's something about the crispness of red, white and blue that is so bold, yet different from my usual tastes.

Either way, I'm a sucker for patriotic outfits.

Of course, with just around two weeks until the big day, I figured I should get started. I *have* been planning for probably two months of what I should do... well, maybe not planning so much as at least thinking about what I was going to do. But I get hung up on silly details. This project's dilemma (not this actual item of clothing, but the red, white and blue outfits in general): do I make all three girls completely matching outfits? do I make their outfits from the same pattern but use different fabrics? do I use different patterns but the same fabrics? do I make them completely different from each other in whatever way I please?
Yes, the silly details were bogging me down.

So I just started. I had to do SOMETHING.

I started with the oldest. She's fairly easy to please and I figured if I started with the biggest outfit, I could see my material useage and then go from there on what to do for the other two.

I used the Farbenmix Redondo pattern for the skirt and the shorts (because there will be a LOT of twirling going on) are from the Spring 08 issue of Ottobre... or maybe they're a fall or winter 07? They're the Lily leggings... and I just shortened the length accordingly.

I really love the frilliness of this skirt. Even though it was a pain to match up the opposing curves while trying to get the lacy trim firmly sandwiched in the middle... the end result was worth it. Yes, of course pinning *might* have helped, but I couldn't be bothered with silly pins.

I'll post the other outfits as I get them completed... and then maybe modeling shots when all are done.


Myrinda said...

oh totally cute Judy!!! And I can barely be bothered with pins either, hahha! I go for machine basting of the trims alot :)

Chris said...

Wowwww !!! Your girls will be the eye-catcher of the day.
I love the Redondo, but have never been brave enough to sew all those ruffles in. Have a nice celebration !!