Friday, February 5, 2010

Just ducky

Bad slacker blogger I've been lately. Shame! Because I have been sewing.. especially since we have laundry drainage issues and I have to be down there whenever I'm washing a load to empty out some water... lucky for me, the laundry room is right beside my sewing room, so I might as well pop on over and sew while I'm doing laundry!

I've recently acquired the Zwergenverpackung pattern from my beloved Farbenmix. Because I certainly didn't have enough patterns already.

There are more options for clothing than I've explored yet because I can't get over how cute and fun the little shirt pattern is to sew!!

So first, a ducky sort of outfit made with a tiny, remnant scrap I got in a scrap box long ago with the PRR "Duck, duck, goose" on it. A.dor.a.ble, I think. The remnant piece is so narrow though, that I was worried I wouldn't even be able to get a sleeve from it! But I *narrowly* managed to do so!

So, the whole outfit in its sweetness....
And then a close-up of the sweet little applique!
And then.. oh my! I love that I thought outside of my normal hurry-up-and-sew-to-get-it-done mentality and really upped the cuteness quotient here!
Another shirt from the same Zwergenverpackung pattern and sleeves and applique piece are again from fabric from the PRR line!

I hope it's clear, especially in the close-up, that this says "BEBE" ...

The pants are more from the Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants pattern. Easy peasy.
And dangit, sooooo darn cute!
My "guestimated due date" is three weeks away... and from here on out, I have the 'green light' by my midwife to birth at any time! Wow!
(but really, I'm okay if this babe bakes a bit longer.. I'm still torn on names... and really, I'd love to get a bit more sewing done first!)

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