Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gosh.. this barely touches what I've done...

So.. I was feeling in a girly mood a few nights ago while sewing... or maybe it was sheer laziness. I didn't want to change out the pink serger thread. So, I just went with it.
First up, another lovely shirt from the Zwergenverpackung pattern. And even better? Something about the two of these fabrics together makes me giddy inside. The main body of the shirt is from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic rib knit. It's lovely and drapey and perfect. And the neckline fabric is some lovely Campan jersey (Euro import) and it's lovely. Dreamy. I love this shirt!

I'm pretty sure every gender-specific outfit I make leaves me saying, "Oh gosh, I hope I get to use this!" .. because I go and make a sweet outfit like this and it makee me lust for a girl. Sweet purple fairies and a gorgeous velour that even has a bit of a fine sheen to it. Shirt from the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern.. so is the hat (just modified.. quite a bit).. and the pants are Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants.. minus the crescent.

More gorgeous Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic fabric. *swoon* Same pattern as the above.

And.. for fun...
My due date calculations put me at 40 weeks today. My midwife came up with a due date of February 27th. I'll go with that (which means 39 weeks, 4 days today). Either way. Full.freakin.term. And I'm so ready. Although I guess I could just keep on sewing..... What else am I going to do to fill my time?!?

I can't wait to meet this little one! Hopefully soon!


brogansmomma/pleutim said...

Mama, you are beautiful!!! I am rather envious of your baby belly and your soon-to-be arriving wee one too.

Holly Elliott said...

Judy --
I recently found your blog spot. I have to say "i envy you"! Your talent is amazing, both in your craft and your blogging! So excited for your new baby!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy, she's simply perfect! Congratulations on your gorgeous Hazel!