Saturday, December 5, 2009

what happens when the husband and kids are away....

It's amazing how productive I can be when there are no distractions.
The husband *and* the children are away for the night, so I camped out in the sewing room and churned out some outfits for Christmas!
It turned out to be a Farbenmix pattern night as I sewed up two Zoe shirts, two Olivia dresses and a pair of Nala pants!!
It's all matchy-matchy from a GORGEOUS and so-wonderful-to-work-with cotton-lycra I got at well over a year ago. Seriously. This stuff is nearly as thick as an interlock, but with the gorgeous two-way stretch of cotton-lycra. A dream to sew with. Three of the outfits are for my own girls and one is for a two-year-old niece of mine.
And there they are, all lined up across the back of my couch upstairs!!! And all this (from cutting to completing the last of topstitching of various seams) in less than three hours!!

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