Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm soooo back in the saddle again!!!

I really have been sewing! I just kind of.. um.. *forgot* (yes! gasp!) about updating here.. but I'm so excited that the sewing bug has found me once again!!!!

Mostly I've been sewing for babe #4 that's busy baking away (though not much time left! I'm 28 weeks today which means just 12 weeks left! eek!)... No clue on whether this is a girl or boy .. I swear, my intuition must be broken.. Sooo... I've made outfits for either!

First up, one part of a two-piece ensemble that is one of my favorites EVER! I've made a TON of these outfits because they're SOOOO cute and they do fit well! (I've tried them on my nephew.. well, when he was small enough!).

The tops and hats are all from the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern and the pants are from the Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants pattern (but for now I've omitted the crescent moon).

These first two outfits feature polka dot and gorgeous Euro floral-paisley fabric from and the two pairs of pants are a gorgeous red french terry from

Next up is a super sweet outfit of some of my favorite giraffes! The trim on the top is a brown cotton lycra and the jersey giraffes are also from SewZanne's ... the pants are a brown french terry I got in a trade years ago ;)

And finally (for this post!) some fun dotty owls! The print is off a bit (the white part is messed up), but I still love it .. and this soft brown cotton lycra is just PERFECT!
Yes, there's been plenty more sewing going on, but errands still need to be run, so I'm off!


Sabine said...

So nice fabrics!!!!! Wonderful sewing!

Corie said...

It's nice to get back in the saddle! Both your sewing and choice of fabrics are sublime!