Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas Eve babe....

My youngest (well, currently the youngest earthside) was born on Christmas Eve. But I think I said that before... anyway, I haven't normally been terribly themey about it all, but this year with some fabric I got in the mail (especially yesterday's haul), I couldn't resist.
So... I took an Amelie.... (which isn't NEARLY this bright of a red.. ugh.. taking pictures at night is loathesome, but I couldn't wait!)And a Nala top.... And some Nala pants.....
Put the Nala together....
And then put the Amelie over it all for a complete (and sweet?!) Christmas outfit!

Now for the specs: red velour, white interlock and red/white stripes purchased from and the Amelie and Nala patterns were purchased directly from the Farbenmix website: . I'm *so* completely in love with this for some reason!
oh, and I made this all this evening -- even with my three little "helpers" in my oh-so-tiny (and messy) sewing room! They did manage to entertain me (while I was listening in to their games) as they played dentist... #3: "What are you doing to me?" #2: "I don't know, dentist stuff! But you have to be good or you don't get a prize!"
It was quite enjoyable... until they got too tired... and luckily, I was just wrapping up my sewing on this outfit!

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