Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sheesh... but at least I have pretty fabric..

I haven't gotten to sewing much. Not for lack of trying, but that darn thing called "life" and "being a mother" that seems to be getting in the way.
Tonight the girls (at least the older two) are going to be spending the night at my MILs house, so maybe I can get in some quality sewing time!
But until then, I'll share my version of happiness....


freddie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you won't get addicted to it 'cause I'm not good in posting every day... eh eh
Anyhow, take care and good luck to your husband and his studies, I'm still studying too...
God bless you

monica said...

oh my brother has left you a comment. Be careful his got a very 'bad' sense of humour!!!

I love those fabric.