Friday, May 23, 2008

placemat done, placemat to be...

Yes, that darn quilting is getting the best of me. But a delightful "quick fix" is doing quilted placemats.
One I have completed (and adore... and yes, you'll notice the similarities in color scheme with this and the quilt I completed for the littlest... you see, I don't plan ahead, I just go ahead and whack a bunch of 4" squares and I had a lot left over ;) ):

The backing is a wonderfully mod piece of material I got in a scrap box!

And this placemat has been nicely washed up so that it's all quilty and textural now!

I'm working on a lot right now for a Farmer's Market that my sister's salon participates in. My sister is a cosmetologist at a quite nice salon and the owner carries some wonderful stuff... and has asked if I would like to sell some items at their booth! What a lovely opportunity!

I do need to work more, but here is one pre-quilted but pieced top of a "Earth, Wind and Fire" set I'm working on:


Anonymous said...

Love the colors of 'Earth, Wind and Fire' So beautiful!

Jacquie said...

Thanks so much for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. Love these placemats and your quilt. I need to come back when I have time to read more!!

monica said...

you've got a great sense of colour! and good luck with the market..

Seams said...

Judy the colors you are using are gorgeous! I love the summery look to it. I have another friend working on a quilt with similar colors. Looks like I need to go fabric shopping soon.