Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If only it was this easy....

My girls love to play restaurant when I'm downstairs in my sewing room and they're playing in their toy room which has a little kitchen. They're often taking orders and bringing out food to the patrons (which can include myself or their sisters... depending on how we'll they're taking turns!). So I made some play money so they can pay for their goods.
But before the picture comes the specs of the project. I just looked around for some greens in my fat quarter stash (which is bigger than it should be ;) I'm good at collecting fat quarters and not so good at using them), found two that were suitable and made up a prototype. No pictures of that as the girls ran off with it. I didn't quite like the shape and I didn't use any interfacing at all and it was just too floppy. So on the second one I used a layer of interfacing under the circle and on one side of the rectangle with much better results. But I still wasn't as pleased with my choice of green for the satin stitching on the circle applique. So I made two more last night and I'm quite pleased with the shape, color and overall feel of these! They're approximately 3.5" x 7" (maybe 6.5" for width) and they have the feel of crisp dollar bills!
After all those words, here's the measy picture of two dollars ;)
My girls are loving them already.... but of course the fat quarter piece I used for the main body of the dollars is now gone... so I have to figure out another color to use. I'm not too concerned about the different colors in their money because they can always be different denominations then! But now I have to figure out another good green. My taste in fabrics doesn't usually gravitate toward such a monochromatic print... we'll see if I have anything suitable!

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