Friday, November 28, 2008

What? Too late for Halloween photos?

My sewing has taken such a sidenote, it's not even funny. I love it. I just love the process of creating and then having a finished product to show -- and since I mostly make clothes, they're highly practical also!
But I really think that after getting back from the hospital, I've had a hard time getting into it. I feel like I've been catching up on everything else... and then with working part-time, my time is even more limited.
But of course the girls couldn't suffer simply because *I* was having a hard time with things... so Halloween costumes were whipped up mostly the night before the church Halloween party.
I wish I would have gotten better photos of my pirate, kitty cat and pink unicorn, but somehow in the rush I got just two decent ones.

I do love the way the mane turned out on the unicorn... but the yarn has NOT washed well at all and I think I'm going to have the rip the seam and take it all out. At least she'll have a cute, pink hoodie still out of it!
And the ears on the kitty! I wasn't sure at all how I was going to attach them, but I just cut slits where I thought the ears should go, inserted them and sewed them in... and they stood up just perfectly.
ETA: Goodness, I almost forgot some of the specifics for the sewing of these costumes! The hoodies for the younger two are both modified from the Hannel pattern, published by Farbenmix. Their velour leggings are both from an Autumn (I think?) issue of Ottobre.. 2007 I believe. They're the "Lily" leggings.
For the oldest, I needed a quick shirt pattern (no time to trace one out, I had to grab from something I'd already traced out) and ended up using the Olivia pattern by Farbenmix, but obviously I didn't make it into a dress, so I just used the top half to create the shirt. I didn't make the pirate pants... she already had some great black pants so we used those. And the red and white polka dot material around her waist? Just a piece of material from my sewing room. I just rolled it up a bit to hide raw edges and we tied it around her waist. No-sew costuming at its best!

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