Friday, November 28, 2008

The less-than-four-week dash...

And I'm off... off to my sewing room and sewing like a mad woman, that is.I think I might have found some of that mysterious and elusive (to me) sewing mojo. I told myself today that I HAD to go and sew SOMETHING for at least one of the girls for Christmas. Less than four weeks to go and I had *eek* NOTHING for them.
I had purchased this material with the exact intention of sewing something up for my oldest. She completely adores anything to do with animals. I'm not much of an animal-print kind of a person (in fact, usually animal prints make me crinkle up my nose), but this was somehow perfectly acceptable.
I sewed up this raglan shirt from the Farbenmix Zoe pattern and it went together so quickly and easily and I just love it.

It's nothing super duper fancy, but I'm fairly certain that it's sure to be loved by the recipient -- and that's enough for me.
Oh, I must note also that the tag on the side of the body of the shirt has a giraffe on it! I always forget little stuff like that, but while rummaging through the sewing room trying to figure out what to sew, I found these tags and knew I had to use one on something for the oldest!
I must get back down to the sewing room after finishing up my lunch and hopefully I'll churn out one more item before I have to (ha! before I *get* to!) go to work.

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Judy said...

This shirt is absolutely adorable! My 9 yo granddaughter would love, love, love it! I've skimmed over your blog real quick and now I am going to settle in and read.
I am inspired to go in and sew.