Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aloha Olivia

My oldest has a day camp on Tuesday and it has a Hawaiian theme.

What is a sewing mama to do? Well, make a dress with a Hawaiian influence of course.

This is a modified Olivia (Farbenmix pattern) as it has no hood, no front pocket.. and actually the biggest tracing I have is a size 110/116cm and my oldest wears *at least* a 128cm usually... so I just used the tracing I had, didn't line up the pattern on the folding (adding an extra inch or so to the middle) and about five inches to the bottom.

I love the cotton/lycra blend for the main body. It's a lovely print by Mad Sky. The sleeves are a gorgeous Euro fabric that cost me too much, but I couldn't resist.


freddie said...

The dress looks really cool!!! but please don't talk to me about camps with kids, i barely survived ours...
ciao from Kazakhstan

Anonymous said...

Cute dress! Are you too busy sewing to come back to your DDC? We miss you!

Lerin said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!